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Hi Kate and Toni!

Muscle man in studio lifting weights, isolated over a white backWow this is day three of my Heroes with Hearts of Steel Blog Tour, and my guys are stressing me out!  But in a good way 😉 My tour is an introduction to my men from three books. The first two days of the tour I introduced readers to Walt, the hero in my book, Handled By Officer.  Today you’re going to meet Makaio Natua (Mu-ki-o  Nu-too-a) it’s a mouthful I know, but so is the man! Makaio is from Kaua’i, the Garden Isle in Hawai’i and one of the stars from Dead On Arrival, my Malia Fern Mystery Series. Both are cops, but that’s about all they have in common. Walt plays everything by the rules, Makaio was born to break them, so it’s kind of amazing that he wears a uniform 😉 But let me tell you, he wears it well!

So sit back and enjoy my struggle with these two incredible guys!


The huge arrangement of flowers separating us from the rest of the patrons, would crash to the floor if my guys decided to go toe-to-toe. Walt slowly unfolded his large body out of the chair next to me. His eyes hardened to blue steel as he focused his gaze across the table. Makaio’s arms were crossed over his broad chest and his legs were planted shoulder-width apart in a display of total authority. His chocolate eyes challenged the man next to me and I wanted to curse his timing.

I’d choked on a chunk of ice from my blended amaretto sour, and Walt had come to my rescue, like he always does. But Makaio had walked up and misperceived Walt’s actions. It was kind of funny. Makaio always flirted with me outrageously, one verbal pass after another despite the fact that I was happily married. But I knew the truth behind his game. I was that older woman he liked as a friend, someone he could play with and confide in, without the risk of love on either side.

“Makaio, it’s not what you think.” I started.

“Maybe not for you, but this guy’s intentions were obvious.” He nodded in Walt’s direction and my eyes rolled around in my head for a moment before I joined both of them in a stance of strength around the table.

(Unfortunately my stature could only intimidate a five year old, and even then it was questionable.)

“You know this son-of-a— ”

I didn’t let Walt finish his expletive. “I’ve known him almost as long as I’ve known you.”

“Let me guess, you booked him on a sex offense.” Walt interjected.

His comment was rewarded with a growl from the opposite side of the table.  MaKaio’s arms unfolded. Walt dropped his napkin on the table and took a step toward what would no doubt be the destruction of furniture and maybe someone’s nose.

I grabbed Walt’s bicep, my fingers grasping solid rock and I knew he was ready to kick Makaio’s butt … yet I wasn’t sure that was possible, even for Walt.  He stopped and looked down at me.

“He’s here to have dinner with us.” I confessed.

“You’ve got to be kidding. Him?” His head swung in Makaio’s direction.

“The only joke at this table is you, brah. Kym is a happily married woman and her husband would kick you’re a—”

“That’s really enough cussing guys. Take a look around, we’re in a resort. I don’t think the Hotel Del’s management is going to take too kindly to your language.”

If we got kicked out of my favorite hotel on Coronado Island before I got to enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach from my balcony doors as I relaxed with a book on the plush bed, I was going to make both of them suffer.  Walt would breakout with poison ivy in all the wrong places. And Makaio … he’d get a case of sand fleas in his board shorts.

“Then we can take it down to the beach.” Makaio turned toward the path and Walt began to follow.

“That’s enough!” My voice echoed off the brick pavers and glass wall behind me. Shit.

Both men stopped and looked at me. I reached for my drink and downed the last half. At this rate I’d be drunk before the rest of my guests arrived.  I’ve always been a light-weight and I’m not even sure why I was drinking to begin with — I never drink.

I set my glass down on the table, the ice tinkling in the silence that seemed to extend beyond our little alcove.

“I’ve never seen you drink before.” Makaio’s left eyebrow rose, waiting for me to explain what the heck was going on. With his dark hair cropped close to his skull, and his cargo shorts and tank top accentuating a well-muscled body, I had no doubt the women in the restaurant at the Hotel Del Coronado pegged him for a Navy Seal.  They’d be wrong, but he grew up on the beach, so his skills in the water were better than good. And Walt was a city boy, I knew exactly what Makaio’s motive had been when he’d wanted to take the dispute to the beach.

“If you guys could have a seat, we can order a drink.” I started to sit down and both of them were by my side in a flash — one on each arm.  A woman could get damned comfortable with two guys attending to her needs.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Makaio’s voice held a tone of disapproval and I couldn’t help but laugh. My bad boy never ceased to amaze me. Tonight Makaio was wearing goody-to-shoes.


I love the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island off the coast of San Diego, CA. If you met one of your favorite characters at a hotel, what hotel would it be and where?

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In high school her path was forged when she took her first job at a dry cleaners and met every cop in town, especially the lone female police officer in patrol. From that point on there was no stopping Kym’s pursuit of a career in law enforcement—even if she had to duct tape rolls of coins to her waist to meet the weight requirements to be hired.

Kym followed her dream and became a detective that fulfilled her desire to be an investigative reporter, with one extra perk—a badge. Promoted to sergeant Kym spent the majority of her career in SVU. She retired from the job reluctantly when her husband drug her kicking and screaming to another state, but writing continued to call her name, at least in her head.

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She didn’t expect to find herself investigating his death, she has no experience, nor any desire to work in the family business of law enforcement, but that’s exactly what she’s doing because the victim keeps asking for help and a group of mystical Menehune men need her protection.  If she knew how to offer it, things would be a whole lot easier.

To make matters worse, her love life is out of control. Makaio Natua, the forbidden bad boy cop, is everything she wants and his charming, security specialist cousin, Alapai Lincoln, is everything she needs. What could be worse than meeting the two of them at the same time? A curse designed to control her future.

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Carey Corp August 18, 2014 at 7:52 am

I’m partial to the Hawaiian Hilton in Honolulu. That would be a great place to meet my favorite characters.


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