Guest Blogger: Kim Boykin – Tis the Season For Second Chances

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We’ve all been there: ready to cut bait on love. For high school sweethearts, Marley and Beck, their ten year marriage is at the end of its rope. Separated almost a year and going through divorce proceedings, the two estranged spouses think they have spent their last Christmas together—until they are reunited at a mutual friend’s holiday wedding, and suddenly, to mis-quote the song, “old acquaintance may not be forgot “ as easily as they expected.

Now I am of the opinion that there are few things sexier than the idea of being stranded (temporarily, of course!) with someone you lust after on a deserted island—so when it came time to figure out a way for Marley and Beck to get some time alone together—and back on the road to a possible reconciliation—I knew exactly where to put them! It just so happens that Magnolia Bay is coastal and near to plenty of barrier islands—many of which are uninhabited. Perfect, right?

To make matters even more romantic, the barrier island where Marley and Beck find themselves accidentally stranded for Christmas Eve just happens to be the very same one where Beck proposed marriage over ten years earlier.

Of course, ten years can be a lifetime—and their unsinkable love story has taken more than a few dousings in the last decade. But the magic of the season takes over, and no sooner does the sun set and Beck and Marley find themselves making a roaring fire in the island’s deserted cottage—and decorating a tree with found ornaments—than do the sparks of their never-lost passion rise to the surface again.

Life can get busy—especially for an all-star pitcher and a bestselling cookbook author—but when it comes to true love, it takes peeling away all the chaos of celebrity and contracts for two people to find each other again. I knew Beck and Marley’s road would be full of detours and bumps, but I couldn’t wait to see how—and if—they’d find their way back to each other. Just in time for Christmas.

Because all they want for Christmas is one more chance at forever.

Hear that, Santa?


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