You may have noticed I’ve been missing lately. It’s been conspicuous, I think. You may know that work started up again. I’ve been slammed hard with Stuff To Do at work. So when I come home I immediately take a nap. One of these days I’m going to sleep straight through until morning. I swear I will.

What you may not know is that I’ve started taking classes again. Surprisingly classes make me very happy. I like that they make my brain work in ways it hasn’t in a long time, except that this unusual activity is also making me need more sleep.

On top of that I need to do deep revisions to at least 10 pages every day in order to get the book (Crazy Little Thing Called Dead is the new title) in time to release it on Sept. 30.

It’s a lot to remember so if anyone asks just tell them I’ve gone fishing.

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