Glimmer Girls Kickstarter.

Ah yes, the men of Glimmer Girls. Morris, Henry and Orin.  Don’t worry only two of them are possibilities for Clara, Morris is too young for her. Only twelve, if I remember correctly.

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Meet Morris. He is running the family Carousel while his father, a sailor, is out at sea. The Carousel was restored by Henry who donated it to the town. The town placed on the end of the pier, and appointed Cotton Turnkey and family as the keepers of the carousel. It’s magic, of course, but we’ll talk about that another time. Morris is as pure of heart as anyone on this earth. He can see magic, as many in Mabble do, but he also sees the hurt that life has inflicted and the goodness in each heart. He sees, but does not judge. He trusts the carousel to heal wounds, to open hearts, to make clear each person’s path. He is a key player in this story, he guides Clara to the Carousel and befriends Dilly. Morris is one of my favorite characters because he represents the magic and the wonder and the goodness.





Meet Henry. Ah Henry – My first impression of Henry was Hugh Jackman when he was very young. But now I’m not so sure. There is perhaps a little of Colin Firth but I’m still searching for the perfect Henry Horne. Henry comes from the wealthy Horne family, owners of Horne’s Horns, makers of fine musical instruments – brass horns to be exact. The expectation was that Henry would go to business school and return as the CFO of Horne’s Horns. But Henry had other plans. An artist at heart, Henry learned to restore antique carousel animals. He has his own form of magic, seeing the possibility, in each piece, but beyond that he sees the heart of each animal sometimes restoring them to their original form, sometimes changing them, adding or subtracting before finishing the paint.

Henry finds himself torn not only between his life work and his family, but also his friendship with Clara and his family. He is frustrated by his mother’s intense dislike of Clara, because he understands that Clara is the one person in the world who could free his sister Dilly, and bring her safely into this world.


Meet Orin. Orin is still fairly new to me. A merman, bound by the traditions of his people, Orin is allowed to leave the ocean only once every three years. He watches over those of his people who have been born of human mothers, those who may not know of their mermish heritage. For fourteen years he has been coming to Mabble to listen for news of Dilly. When he walks out of the ocean and finds Clara standing by the sea he knows immediately what she does not; that she is a daughter of Neptune. Orin is Clara’s guide to her underwater heritage, to the nuances of mermish culture and their rules of love.

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Delia August 24, 2012 at 2:34 pm

You know, I’m okay with Hugh Jackman if you want to keep him. 😀


Judy, Judy, Judy August 20, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Well, me being me, if I were Clara (does that make sense?) I would naturally drift towards Orin. Jackman is gorgeous but I only like perfect men to look at, not be with.


Judie August 20, 2012 at 12:46 pm

Okay – Morris is just too damn cute. So young to feel the ‘hurts’ that life has inflicted. Glad he can see the other side as well.

Henry is a hunk!! I see the Hugh Jackmanishness too. I like his tallents.

Orin sounds very interesting too.

I am soooo excited to read your book. It sounds like it is going to be totally awesome.


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