Glimmer Girls: The Initial Idea

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It’s funny how a chance comment can be the impetus for a project. Glimmer Girls evolved that way. Over on Jenny Crusie’s blog romance is a frequent topic. During one such discussion Jenny said (I’m paraphrasing) in the movie Four Wedding and a Funeral the Hugh Grant ended up with the wrong girl, but in Penelope they got it right. I’m not sure who Hugh was supposed to end up with, but after Jenny said that I watched Penelope and agreed that they got the romance right.

Around the same time other modern day fairy tales came to my attention. After reading a couple I thought it might write one myself, and that brought me back to Penelope. It’s important for the protagonist to wind up with the right guy. So I looked at the underpinnings of Penelope and instead of a girl cursed with a pig nose by a witch, I started with a girl whose mother ate genetically altered tomatoes while she was pregnant resulting in the girl being born with scales.

I felt it was important that instead of being cured of her curse, my protagonist would learn to love and accept her defect. To see her scales as different but beautiful. It would be a story of self-acceptance.

Of course, stories have a way of evolving and Glimmer Girls did its share of changing. There are no longer genetically altered tomatoes. There is an underwater world instead. A whole universe for me to create under the oceans. And I’m sure it will change again as I revise and revise again.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That there is a carousel in Glimmer Girls was directly influenced by Penelope. There is a scene, when Penelope was first seeing the city, filled with bubbles and whirling photography that feels very much like a carousel ride. There might even be a carousel in that scene, I don’t remember. But that magical feel translate into Morris’s Carousel and I hope you can feel it too, inside the story.

Photo Credit: Carousel
from Dominic’s pics on flickr

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