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in Character, Too Serious For Words

Something said something to me on Wednesday that lit me up like a rocket. Did you ever see Cocoon? Do you remember how the aliens peeled their skin off and were pure light with eyeballs underneath? That’s how I felt. Like a big ball of light.

The Take off.

Was it profound, what this person said to me? No. Not at all. Here’s the story.

Because I don’t have regular work hours in the summer I’m in charge of all the appointments such as getting the oil changed in the cars. Because I can’t drive two cars at once I have to have two appointments on different days. This week I had a ten o’clock appointment on Tuesday and an eleven o’clock appointment on Wednesday. At least that’s what I thought. In actuality, it was eleven on Tuesday and ten on Wednesday.

I arrived an hour early to my Tuesday appointment. It just so happens that the automotive shop is owned by a friend’s husband, and it just so happened that Doreen was at the shop that day. So instead of drive away and come back an hour later, Doreen and I sat outside chatting. The thing about Doreen is that she’s a kick in the pants. Her superpower? Making you laugh until you pee your pants.

As a result, I spent two hours on Tuesday trying not to pee my pants while laughing until I cried.

On Wednesday, I went back at the correct time with my car and I hadn’t been there fifteen minutes when Doreen showed up again. A repeat of Tuesday followed. We laughed until we both had tears in our eyes. My God that woman is a hoot!

When he was checking me out, Doreen’s husband said to me, “You know you had everyone in the shop smiling yesterday, listening to you laugh.”

Such a simple thing. But it touched me. Because in just being myself, enjoying the day in the most un-selfconscious way imaginable, I made someone else’s day a little brighter. I can’t express how that makes me feel, except that there is a star forming in my chest and I’m pretty sure it’s going to break free and soar into the sky at any moment.

How can you beat that?

Kind of like this – but with out the light pole!

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Delia August 5, 2012 at 10:37 pm

How sweet!


londonmabel August 4, 2012 at 7:51 pm

Awww lovely!


Judy, Judy, Judy August 3, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Well no wonder you feel good. What a great thing to say to you. I love hearing people laugh. You and Doreen should get together and just record the laughing.


Skye August 3, 2012 at 1:18 pm

What a beautiful thing he told you, and even better because he did tell you rather than not bothering.

I think I can feel the light from here.


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