Julie had a very good point about Dragan. He was pretty stereotypical.  So I’m making some changes.

Physically, he stays just the way he is, tattoos and all, only when doing business he wears a suit. Only his hair is incongruous. His hair reminds me of Tim Minchin:


Only more. And black. He’s proud of his hair.

When Dragan performs with his snakes he dresses like this:

Because that is what people expect. Only imagine this guy with every inch of him covered in snake tattoos and the black almost dreds. And a full beard.

Maybe something like this:

 I’ll bet you he looks intimidating in his suit. And sexy as hell.

When he divorced his wife she got the house and he got the tricked out garage. She built the fence. Some day a snake is going to find its way through that fence and scare the bejesus out of her. Serves her right.

Don’t get me wrong, Dragan is no softy. He can be mean as hell, and you don’t want to  be on his bad side. But he’s an honest businessman, and has made a bundle on exotic snakes. He’s going to be pretty pissed off when he sees what happens.

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