Double Review: Double Whammy and Double Dip by Gretchen Archer

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Brought to you by Kate George.  Yes, believe it or not, I’m writing a review on my own blog. Now sit down before you pass out!


Double Whammy and Double Dip!

Davis Way is the funniest protagonist since Bree MacGowan – and you know how partial I am to Bree MacGowan! If you like your mysteries with a side of laughter the Davis Way Crime Caper Series may be for you too.  Both Double Whammy and Double Dip are laugh out loud, soda snorted on the keyboard funny, with enough real life thrown in to keep them grounded.

In the interest of full disclosure I’ll say that I was given electronic copies of both books, but because most of my reading hours are during my commute I then purchased audible copies. I would guess these books would be rated for the 18 years and older set for mature themes, but I’d let my mature fifteen year old read them. I don’t remember any overt sex. Double Dip has some blood, but mostly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the foot.

WhammyIn Double Whammy, Davis Way, an unemployed ex-police officer from Pine Apple, Alabama takes a job at a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi as a member of an undercover security team. Faking  serving high priced meals and landscaping before finding herself cleaning the toilet in her ex-ex-husband Eddy’s room. And yes, she married him twice, more the fool Davis.

But will she solve the how of the mysterious million dollar payouts before the perpetrator solves her?








dipDavis Way (called David by her body double, the boss’s wife) is back in Double Dip, looking to take down the team that’s fleecing senior citizens and the State of Alabama right under the nose of Bellissimo Resort and Casino’s big boss. Davis narrowly avoids death by banana pudding, but will her budding relationship with her lawyer/landlord/boyfriend survive as well?

While not “*perfect” both Double Dip and Double Whammy left me wanting more.  They satisfied my need for mystery that makes me laugh, while also leaving me invested in the story and caring what happened to the characters. There were one or two glitches in the Audible narration, and I don’t know if those are echoed in the print versions because I don’t have time to search them out. They were minor and didn’t much effect my enjoyment of the stories.

Double Dip, the second of the series notches up the suspense and sense of impending danger and for a while I was afraid that I might not be happy at the end. But my fears were for naught. Gretchen Archer pulled all the threads together weaving an amusing and highly satisfying tale of fraud and deception.

I’m entertained by Archer’s narrative. She creates a window into Davis’s quirky, devious, computer hacking brain, and Davis, a wise cracking smartass with a sharp mind and a short fuse, is worth looking into. If she lived in my town she’d go neck and neck with my wise cracking best friend. I’d doubt I’d get a word in edgewise.

strikeA third book in the series, Double Strike is coming out in the Fall of 2014 and it has  already  won the jackpot: a spot at the top of my TBR list!


*BTW: I’ve stopped looking for *perfect*. If it makes me laugh and keeps me interested, I’m in.


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Toni July 25, 2014 at 4:24 pm

Great review, Kate! 😉


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