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I have recently finished an edit on Moonlighting in Vermont and I’m making it an enhanced e-version with links to photos and interviews in the back. I am NOT putting links in the text because I find that irritating in novels. I find it¬†questionable¬†in non-fiction. I mean what’s with that? You’re reading along and you come across a highlighted word. Not only does the word itself pull me out of the story, because I’m thinking “why is this highlighted, am I supposed to do something about that?” instead of reading, then if I click on the word it takes me somewhere else altogether. I’ve lost the story, for who knows how long, and when I go back I probably won’t remember what was going on and I’ll have to start over.

Very uncool.

So I’m putting an One Page appendix at the end, with links. So you can get to the end and click through to pictures of Bree’s town, an interview with me and probably a link to bulish.com material – because I find Bublish fun.

Down to my question for you: If you were going to interview me, what would you ask? Got any questions? If you don’t I’ll use the eleven questions. I think I’ve got 24 of those…

Please check out my Kickstarter page for all sorts of opportunities to get Glimmer Girls Gear! (Okay books and t-shirts are gear, but it sounded so good!


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