I’ve just committed to getting the next Bree ready to go before November of this year. You hear that noise? That’s me rolling around on the floor laughing. I’ve restarted this book four time. FOUR!

However, I’ve learned that having a release date puts a fire under me in a way nothing else will.

So, Bree #4, tentatively called New York State of Dead -sound familiar? – October First, 2013.

And Julie will be able to read this one. I can almost guarantee there will be no more unfortunate fires. And hopefully no more hate mail. But you never know. Can’t please most people most of the time.

Do you know that someone told me a deserved to be black listed. I can understand not liking a book I wrote, but to be called a murderer and told no one should allow me to comment on blogs? Gee. That’s a little harsh. I’m thinking of putting a disclaimer on my books: No actual animals, people, cars, mud holes etc were harmed in the writing of this book.

But I degress – New Book In October! Yay!

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