Crazy Little Thing Called Dead Take Two by Kate George

The Bree MacGowan Series Book Three

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00048]CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED DEAD TAKE TWO

Vermont: Come for the maple syrup… stay for the murder

Bree MacGowan is back…

and in just as much trouble as ever!

It takes a lot to shock Bella Bree MacGowan these days, but that’s what happens when she goes to Planet Hair and discovers a dead guy with diapers covering the bullet wound that killed him, and not a drop of blood anywhere. She’d be happy to let the cops handle this one—after all, finding three dead bodies in the space of a year is enough for any girl—but when the South Royalton Weekly starts to topple, Bree knows how to save it (and her job): Get the scoop on the investigation. But there’s no scoop if you wait around for the police to drop stale information, so Bree takes things into her own hands… while bumping heads with sexy, stubborn federal agent Richard Hambecker. Can she get the goods and get out without getting in over her head? Well, crazier things have happened… and they usually happen to Bree.

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