Cottage Cheese with Pineapple Chunks

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

Do you ever have one of those days when you want to say something brilliant, make everyone laugh and feel better about themselves, but instead you feel slightly headachy, like someone hit you on the top of the head with a ball bean hammer? Also your brain is so tired that all you can think about is napping, but you’re at work and it’s not allowed, and some kid would take your picture with their phone and you’d be screwed for sure. And you thought your brain was okay when you first came to work, but you ate a muffin and how you’re wondering if you’re crashing because of the muffin or just because it’s friday and you finished revisions on Wednesday.

I’m having that day today.

And then you hate the way your computer touch pad is too sensitive, and why’d they change it so it does stuff you don’t want it to when you run your finger across it, or rest your wrists on it because you’re lazy. And of course there’s someone in the world that loves the way the new computers do all these neat things that just make you absolutely crazy, and they can’t understand why you threw your pencil across the room when all you wanted to do was correct spelling but you can’t get your cursor to go where you want it to be. And sometimes when you’re typing the page jumps around and you lose where you are.

I’m having that kind of day too.

I’d leave you with a quote from Red Dwarf, but 90 percent of all people have never heard of Red Dwarf and wouldn’t get the reference, and would think I’m off my rocker as well.

So I’ll just say: “If I could just have cottage cheese with pineapple chunks in I’d be ever so grateful.”* Which is better than saying: “Oh god, I’m totally screwed” which is how I feel. But I probably really just need to take a nap and I’ll feel better.

This maybe how I’m feeling today:


*Yes this is also a Red Dwarf quote. Chakansky. Can’t remember which season, but it was later because it was the new character in a different dimension.

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