So. I’m going to Fiction Fest a week from Saturday and I’m sending in the First Page of Glimmer Girls as part of a cold read they do there. A member of the Connecticut Chapter of RWA stands up and reads your first page in front of God and Everybody, but mostly Agents and Editors. Hopefully the person reading is a Good Reader, but I assume they won’t choose people who don’t read out loud well. At least it’s not me who is reading, because as we found out last weekend I read far to fast when in a large group. Michael Hauge had to ask me to slow down. AND read it twice. Argh.

I am very nervous. Let’s face it, I’m almost always nervous these days. Or maybe that’s just the caffeine I’m using to keep myself going. Probably both. Anyhow. Back on track here.

I’m once again asking you to pick your favorite first line. I know this must be getting old. Or maybe it isn’t? How would I know, I’m only the one asking the questions. But I’m not very good at picking the line that appeals to the most people so I really need your advice one more time. And not just your advice, I’m asking you not only to vote, but to also facebook, and retweet to get the word out. I’m really, really nervous here. (Read hopped up on caffeine and slightly insane.)

Am I begging? I think so.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten I’m choosing the winners of the two Amazon cards today. I just haven’t got to it yet. So check back. (Truthfully, I’ll send the winners emails so you don’t really HAVE to check  back, and I’ll probably post the winners on Thursday.)

So. Please, please, please! Vote, Tweet, Facebook, Pinterest – whatever – just do it. It’s good karma.

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