I believe it was Stormy and Lora that asked me about Bree.

Bella Bree MacGowan was born April 30, 19XX. She’s thirty-years-old in Moonlighting in Vermont and California Schemin’ and will probably turn thirty-one during the next, as-of-yet unnamed, novel.

She’s a small town girl. Her parents had a house in town, but realize we are talking about Vermont. There are probably 500 people living in the “town” itself and another fifteen hundred in the outlying areas. This is the town I live in, and one of these days I’m going to do a video or slide show and give you the visuals of my and Bree’s world. (Now that I’ve said it out loud I’m going to HAVE to do it! But don’t look for it too soon, I’ve got a lot going on.)

Bree’s grandparent’s owned a dairy farm up in the hills near where I live. She spent a great deal of time there as a child, and when her grandmother Casey died she left Bree the farm. Her brother’s don’t mind. Neither of them is really interested in living out in the sticks. I’d tell you Bree’s brother’s names, but I can’t. I’ve forgotten them. What I remember is that she has an older and a younger brother. The older gets around a lot and has girl friends in Boston and Montreal and probably London. I think the younger brother lives in California for some reason. I wonder why Bree didn’t visit him during California Schemin‘? Maybe he was traveling or something. I don’t recall what either of them do for a living.

Bree’s parents sold their house and went to live in South Carolina. I had to look that up. I’m getting old, the details are beginning to leave me.

Okay as long as I was looking things up I checked and Bree’s older brother is J.W. I don’t remember what that stands for! Boy is this awful. I’m going to have to make a spread sheet so I can keep all this stuff straight. I can tell you that Bree doesn’t have any sisters. Which is a good thing because it’s a good bet I would have forgotten their names too.

Back to Bree – she loves her animals. She still has her childhood pony, Lucky. She has a cat named Annabelle, four dogs, no wait she’s up to five, and twenty-eight chickens. I used to have twenty-eight chickens too. I gave them all to Bree. She has more time to take care of them than I do.

I believe Bree went to college at UVM. I’m pretty sure she got a liberal arts degree, with a measure of fine arts thrown in. She’s not good at relationships with the opposite sex. It’s hard to compete with her animals for one thing, for another she’s independent and doesn’t take direction well.

Bree’s best friend is Meg Maverick. She’s known her since ninth grade. Bree’s known Tom and Beau Maverick, Meg’s husband and his brother for as long as she can remember, which occasionally makes Meg jealous. But not often. They’ve been friends for fifteen years, after all.

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Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) January 5, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Oh my goodness! You obviously have such a good friendship with this character that you talk about her with almost casual intimacy – as if YOU are Meg Maverick. I enjoyed this little snippet into Bree’s life. Thanks for remembering!


Kate January 7, 2011 at 11:13 am

I do really like Bree. She’s everything I wasn’t in some ways. She actually get’s to say things I would like to but don’t!


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