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17900206I love mysteries.  I always have.  I love that the bad guy usually gets it in the end and everything is tied up in a neat bow.  There is a sense of justice that comes with the end of a good mystery.  In other words, I like to know whodunit.I knew when I started reading the Colton’s of Wyoming series that I wouldn’t know whodunit for six books.  Not ideal, but I could live with it.  I got little HEAs along the way and lots of clues to keep me entertained.  With Coleen Thompson’s fifth installment, The Colton Heir, we finally have the answer to one of the major questions that have been plaguing the series.  We finally learn the answer to the question:  What happened to baby Cole Colton?Wrangler Dylan Frick thought he knew his past—until a suspicion surfaces that he’s the secret Colton heir who vanished from Dead River Ranch as a baby. Now his identity’s in question, and his mother’s murder is still unsolved. And he’s thrown off course by the ranch’s mysterious new maid, Hope Woods. The gun-wielding knockout has fear in her eyes and seems desperate to escape her own private danger. Defending Hope—and keeping her deadly secret—leaves them both open to unexpected passion. But will protecting her mean walking out of her life for good?If you’ve been paying attention all the way along, the answer to the Cole question will not come as a great surprise.  There have been hints along the way that Dylan is not exactly who he always believed.  Even if you hadn’t quite decided if the authors were going to honor their own clues, the title pretty much gave it away.  Finding out who Cole is doesn’t get us any closer to finding out how or why Faye brought him back to Dead River Ranch in the first place.

As if things were not already complicated enough at the Ranch, Thompson brings us an outside threat in the form of Hope Woods.  Trying to escape her mob ex-husband and her past, Hope runs to Dead River to hide out.  Andrea Colton is her college roommate and gladly welcomes her.  Not surprisingly the danger follows Hope to Wyoming.  Her ex-husband’s enforcers are trying to killer her before she can testify against him.  Once at the Ranch, Hope manages to run-afoul of the Mastermind orchestrating the deadly goings-on at the Ranch.  If all this sounds a bit confusing, it is; however, Thompson masterfully weaves the two storylines together.  She manages to keep the two storylines clear for the reader as she moves the story forward.  The Hope storyline could have been distracting but doesn’t ever reach that point.

Hope’s storyline is much easier to resolve and comes to a logical conclusion at the end of the novel.  Once again another couple leaves the Ranch and the search for answers.  I don’t agree with the choice that Dylan makes to leave with her, but I understand it.  No matter what his name is Dylan’s heart is clearly at the Ranch.  I also very much wanted to see him find the answers he was looking for regarding his mother’s death and his own history.  By them leaving I don’t know that that will come about.  I really liked Dylan throughout the earlier books.  I was happy to see him finally get his own romantic HEA.  He makes a fine Colton heir, even if he doesn’t want to accept that designation.

I did expect Thompson to resolve a few more loose ends.  While she did address a biggie there are still many more to cover.  Adding to the many remaining unanswered questions is why the Mastermind wants to kill Hope.  Beth Cornelison certainly has her hands full of loose ends to tie up in the last book in the series.  Based on the first five, I’m sure she’s up to the task.  I can’t wait to read the last installment, Colton Christmas Rescue, and finally see justice done.

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Colleen Thompson November 7, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Hi, Toni,
Thanks so much for reviewing THE COLTON HEIR–and the whole COLTONS OF WYOMING miniseries. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! It was great fun working with so many talented authors and our editor to bring the Wyoming branch of the Colton family to life!

It was a daunting task laying out the overarching story while trying to give each individual book a satisfying ending. I think readers will be very pleased when they reach the conclusion with Beth Cornelison’s COLTON CHRISTMAS RESCUE next month. Since Amanda Colton’s been my favorite secondary character, I can’t wait to read her HEA!


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