Book Review: The Colton Bride by Carla Cassidy

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By Toni Linenberger / Blonde Betty 
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My love affair with the Coltons continues.  Cassidy’s book is the fourth installment in the series.  This installment brings us the story of the second of the sisters, Catherine.  A classic childhood sweethearts story takes a different twist.

Ranch foreman Gray Stark and heiress Catherine Colton may live together on Dead River Ranch, but they’re from different worlds. She made that clear when she broke his heart years ago. With their passionate, complicated past, marriage is not an option. Until he finds out that she—and her unborn baby—are targets.

Making Catherine his wife is the best way to ensure her safety. But as desire resurfaces, it wars with the danger that hovers close. Is Gray ready to face his biggest threat yet to keep Catherine safe and by his side forever?

This book picks up several months after the previous.  Not much has changed at Dead River Ranch.  Ravages of the recent fire inform the landscape and a pall of despair and danger seems to have descended on the Ranch and surrounding areas.  The new Sheriff is making a valiant effort to untangle the mess left by the previous occupant of the position, but the level of corruption makes things difficult.  The patriarch, Jethro, is still in a coma and not answering any questions.

Catherine and Gray make an effort to figure out what’s going on, but the bulk of the story is centered on their reunion and keeping Catherine safe.  The keeping Catherine safe turns out to be a real fear as she is almost kidnapped twice and actually kidnapped once.  Suspicion begins to fall on the entire household.  Gray rescues Catherine, but they are no closer to any answers than they were when we began.

Beginning the fourth book I was hoping it was time to start wrapping up some of the loose ends; there are a lot of them.  That was wishful thinking on my part.  Instead of wrapping anything up, Cassidy introduces another murder.  She does give us tantalizing glimpses of who may be masterminding the entire operation, but actual confirmation of anything remains elusive.  I know I have my theories, but with the way this series has played out, I think I’m destined to be wrong.

Cassidy delivers with her installment of the series.  Her characters are well-developed and believable.  She moves things forward according to the timeline and leaves us wanting more.  As with the previous three, I can’t wait to read the next installment.  Good thing Colleen Thompson sent me an advance copy of The Colton Heir so I can dive right in.

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