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TAKEACHANCE-FrontCover(forAmazonandSmashwords) - CopyI don’t read a lot of historical or a lot of paranormal.  However, when Melissa Mayhue gave me a copy of her first Warrior book at RomCon one year I said I would give it a shot.  I’m so glad that I did.  Mayhue’s world building, vivid imagery, and strong storytelling sucked me into the story.  Her evil ploy had worked, I was hooked.  Signed copies of the other Warriors series now grace my bookshelves.

This year at RomCon I was lucky enough to have lunch with Melissa.  She was looking for an escape from hotel food.  I was looking for lunch with a famous author.  We both got what we wanted.  As much as I love her paranormal historicals, I was beyond thrilled to hear that she was starting a new contemporary series.  Set in Chance, Colorado, my home state, how could I resist?

Award-winning author Melissa Mayhue returns with a brand new series in a brand new genre. Join her in Chance, Colorado – Where love gets a second chance…

Allison Flynn has spent the last eight years struggling to build the life of her dreams. But a cheating boyfriend, the loss of her beloved job, and her mother’s illness have all conspired to bring her back home again, shutting the door on those dreams.

Logan O’Connor is a man driven by guilt and haunted by the what-ifs of his choices in life. Betrayed by the woman he’d thought he loved, he’s given up any dream of the Happy Ever After he’d once assumed his life would have and devoted himself to his work.

When Allie and Logan cross paths, they’ll need to risk their hearts once more to have any chance at finding what they really want.

Sometimes you have to take a chance to make your dreams come true…


I fell in love with Chance from the very beginning.  It is the quintessential small town with a main street shopping area and surrounding residential areas.  I’ve always loved Colorado stories, be the set in fictional towns or real ones.  Though Chance is fictional, it fits right into the exiting Colorado landscape.

This is very much a story about letting go and coming home.  Allie leaves town as soon as she’s able after being humiliated at her senior prom by her supposed best friend.  She believes the town never forgot her humiliation and refuses to go back.  When her mother gets sick, and her matchmaking grandmother interferes, Allie is forced to come home.  Once there she realizes that the defining moment in her life is inconsequential to the town.  They have forgotten all about her humiliation and are just glad to have her back.

Where Allie can’t wait to leave, Logan is the quintessential hometown boy.  Unlike his two best friends who joined the military right out of high school, Logan opted for college in a nearby town.  Once finished he returned home to become a local firefighter.  He is an integral part of the town and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Allie has loved Logan since she was a kid.  She originally dated his younger brother in efforts to get to know Logan better.  Several years older, Logan only ever saw Allie as a friend of his brother.  Both are gun-shy when it comes to relationships.  Logan is wary because of his high school girlfriend who was more interested in the status of being married to him than him.  Allie’s latest boyfriend doesn’t believe faithful is a requirement.

Allie and Logan are understandably wary around each other at the beginning.  However, the sparks are palatable.  Despite some setbacks, they are both able to overcome their past and find their way to a HEA of their own.

Mayhue has set up a lovely world.  The setting is believable and the characters well-developed and interesting.  I’m excited for the future books in the series.  There are many more characters that I can’t wait to see get their HEA.

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Melissa Mayhue December 16, 2013 at 8:10 pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review TAKE A CHANCE! I appreciate it so much. But, you know you’ll always have a place secured in my heart for wisking me away for that fabulous lunch!

🙂 Melissa


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