Book Review by Kate: Double Strike by Gretchen Archer

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A rare Kate George Book Review!

All Davis Way really wants to do is get married – or does she?

Davis Way Book #3, Double Strike, is #Mystery/#Romance/#JustPlainFun. If you are looking for a great mysteries that makes you laugh out loud, then Gretchen Archer’s Davis Way Mysteries are the books for you. When Davis gets appointed the social media specialist for the grand opening of The Stike, a casino within the Bellisimo casino, everything comes up #hashtags. A fire in her employer’s residence postpones Davis’s #wedding, double dealings at the casino seem likely to #delay it forever, and Davis ends up splashed all over #onlinemedia.

Can Davis pull it all together, prevent the casino from losing millions and save her bosses cranky wife? You’ll find out in #DoubleStrike!

I’m in love with the Davis Way Novels. Gretchen Archer has a unique voice combined with a great sense of humor, and she’s not afraid to use them. If you know me, then you know that I rarely read books that have the potential to depress me. Life is already gritty enough for me, I want my entertainment to make me laugh. On laughs alone I’d give all three of the Davis Way Novels, Double Whammy, Double Dip and Double Strike five stars each. They are wacky, but not unbelievable. In fact, there are days when my life resembles Davis Way’s life. Just when you think nothing else can possibly go wrong…

The writing is crisp and we are privy to Davis Way’s every thought. We can see why her life is a runaway train. We cheer when she pulls it all back together. And if Davis Way can get her act together, then dog-gone-it, there is still hope for me.

I love to hate Archer’s antagonists. There’s Bianca Sanders, the bosses wife, Davis’s double and the bane of her life. She is mean, self-centered and downright lazy. She’d rather send Davis to speak with the headmaster at her son’s school that be bothered to do it herself. (Although come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind a body double myself. She could do all the waiting around for kids at practices and I could swoop in at the last minute for every play, musical or soccer game. Hmm. I wish.)

Davis’s ex-ex-husband, Eddie Crawford, is next in the making-her-life-hell lineup. He’s a major sleaze ball with a need for money and a way of getting from Davis. If something shady going on you can bet Eddie is in on it. But just when Davis is sure he’s irredeemable she catches Eddie doing the right thing. Go figure.  And when Davis really needs him… he might just come through – to the chagrin of his mother, who will never, ever, ever forgive Davis – for anything.

Along with the constant irritants in Davis’s life each book has its own really evil dude, so of course, Double Strike has its Villains – but I won’t spoil the surprise. Read Double Strike, you won’t regret it.

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