Over on Mabel Talk there is a discussion of code words to use when having a bad day. Mabel’s in pineapple. I like pineapple, so that really wouldn’t work for me. I’m using boiled onions. No really. My stepfather was English, and one of the things he liked to make was boiled onions. Sometimes with boiled potatoes, but sometimes not.

This is how I remember it, however don’t be surprised if my brother jumps in and tells me I’m out of my mind. I’m pretty good at making things up and then convincing myself it’s true. It doesn’t matter in either case because as a code word for a lousy day boiled onions is perfectly fine. More than fine. Fitting, in my opinion.

So why is my day like boiled onion? First I’ve been fighting a headache all dag-gone day. And I keep wanting to sleep even though I’m so swamped with work and other projects I can’t afford the time. Okay, so my eyes are closing as I write. I may not have a choice about a nap.

Three hours later:

So I had a nap. A very long nap, as it turns out. I missed out on a good chunk of writing time while napping. You know I wouldn’t mind if I felt a bunch better. But I don’t. I still have a headache. I still feel out of sorts. Although I have to say I’m a good deal less sleepy. So it wasn’t completely useless. Not that I had any choice. I practically fell asleep in my keyboard.

Damned boiled onions. Why am I out of sorts? Perhaps it’s the spector of work on the horizon. I’m dreading going back this year. But I am, mostly because I want to get my kids braces, and we need roof work AND I’m sure my fridge is about to fail. Not because it isn’t working. But because the door is about to burst off it’s hinges because there isn’t room for enough food for seven people. Really.

So if you see a contest where the prize is one of those lovely double door fridges with the freezer on the bottom and a light that works – enter me. I need that sucker.

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