It’s 3 am on Monday morning, May 21, and I’m officially a dumb ass. There is a black bear outside my window lying in my garden eating left over bird seed from my bird feeders. It is not afraid of me. It is not afraid of my barking dogs. (Don’t worry, I’m not letting them out of the house.) And it’s pretty sure it wants to live here.

I’m a idiot. I let my love of waking up to birds outside my window blind me to the facts. Bears don’t care if they have to rumble over eight acres of open lawn and listen to barking dogs. If it wants something, and you’ve got it. It’s going for it. And truthfully, they’re not the brightest of creatures. If I had a gun I could have killed the thing about fifty times over.

All this and I never did get my picture of the Maybe-a-Cowbird. And Lordy I tried. I’ve been stalking the MAC for days. And I’ve seen it too, on numerous occasions. But the MAC is twitchy. All I have to do is move my finger toward the shutter button on the camera and it’s gone. I even got out the tripod. I set it up a ways away from where I suspected I could get a clear shot, and sat there poised, for hours. Okay, if not for hours then for a really, really, long time. Until I got hungery and had to go get my breakfast. And then I got bored and had to go get the computer.

I figured if I wasn’t able to get a photo, at least I could get some words down on the wip. So all is not lost.

Except it pains me to have to admit I’m a dumb ass, and that my judgement was clouded by sentiment. It’s not surprising, really, but I was kind of hoping I was getting to be smart like my mom. Nope. Still a dumb ass. The worst part? Stupid bear keeps pooping on my lawn. Bear Poop Stinks.

Last minute update. In reviewing the pictures I took of birds I couldn’t really see because they were too far away but hit the shutter button anyway I found I did take one of the MAC. Here it is. Okay Delia, is it a Cowbird, or not? (click to make the photo bigger)

here's what the bear did to my feeder

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