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111_9435Okay, her name is really Jessi, but we can’t help ourselves – Bessi the Basset is so perfect. We are fostering her until a good home can be found, so if you know a dog friendly family that is looking for a Basset Cross please pass this along.

Jessi is a year old, friendly with other dogs (don’t know about cats, but I assume she’d be as good as she is with my tiny Yorkie cross). She walks well on a leash, goes in her crate when I ask her and is very intelligent. She is learning to sit on command and comes when she is called – most of the time. Occasionally, when a scent is especially enticing I have to walk to where she is, but she never runs away from me, in fact when she sees me coming she runs to meet me. She’s very playful, affectionate and good with kids.

Her biggest fault is she likes to stand on her hind legs and gently put her paws on you. I’m currently teaching her not to do that, to sit instead. We’ll see how far I get before she gets adopted.

I don’t know what her back story is. She came from PAWS of Dale Hollow in Tennessee. I agreed to foster her because they are out of room down there. I don’t know why there are so many unwanted dogs in the south, but there are.

Why don’t we adopt her ourselves? It’s a good question. Mostly because we already have three dogs and four just seems like one too many.

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