Bad Advice From Bitchy Bertha – Sick Days

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Dear Bertha,

I’ve got a nasty chest cold. I think I should stay home from work and get better, but I feel guilty about it.

What should I do?




Dear Sicko,

To me, this is a huge symptom of what’s wrong with America. If you are sick, stay home. Don’t give your cold to your coworkers. Do you really think anyone is going to thank you for spreading your germs all over the office and then falling asleep on your keyboard? I don’t think so. Take the time to regain your health – your performance will be better for it.

Forget the guilt trip. I have to patience for people who feel guilty about taking care of themselves when needed. That’s just self importance.



If you have a question for Bertha feel free to leave it in the comments. She’ll reply on the following Monday.

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