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Dear Bitchy Bertha,

I work at a fast food restaurant in retail area off a major freeway. Several times a week a woman comes in with her computer. She buys one hot tea and then sits all by herself at a big booth and uses our wifi for a couple of hours. We are pretty slow at that time of day, so it’s not like she’s keeping anyone from sitting at a table but it still makes me mad. We all know she’s just here to use the wifi and I think she should have to at least eat a meal to sit here for two hours. Should I say something to her? I really want to.


P O’ed


Dear Pissed Off,

If you are the manager or owner of the restaurant please feel free to kick out the freeloader, but be aware that she will probably tell all her friends.  I don’t think you are the owner or manager, however. Those people know their business and if they wanted to get rid of the freeloader they would alerady have done so.  What you may not realize is that letting your freeloader sit undisturbed is creating good will. So when she thinks of taking her friends or family out to eat and socialize she’ll bring them to your restaurant. But if you harass her, she’s going to tell her friends and relations – creating bad will for your establishment. Not What You Want. Trust me on this.

Should you get to the point that you can’t stand it anymore and feel the need to say something to this woman, who you’ve admitted is harming no one, be aware that your manager may ask you to leave the restaurant. You’d be better served by asking her if she needs a warm up on her hot beverage, maybe then at least you’d get a tip for your troubles.


Bitchy Bertha

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