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Dear Bertha,

I’m not sure what my son spent the day doing, but he didn’t get his math homework done by the deadline set by his teacher. I think he left it to the last minute and then got stuck on a problem. My feeling is that he’ll learn from the experience of having to turn in incomplete homework, (it’s computer based so he can’t continue on past the deadline – and why is a teacher making a deadline for a saturday evening anyway?) however, my husband is fighting mad. He’s ranting about taking away the effing toys (he means the ipod) (and he didn’t use effing, he used the real word.)

Am I wrong to be so laid back about it? Should I also be ranting and punishing my son. Or should my husband chill out and let his teenaged son learn from experience?




Dear Confused,

Confused is what you are not. Many life lessons can’t be taught, they must be experienced. But don’t expect your husband to agree with you. I’m assuming if you have a teenaged son together that this is not a new problem. I’m sorry for it, but you’ll be putting up with your husband’s bad behavior for much longer than your son’s. You son will likely grow out of his procrastination. If your husband hasn’t grown out of his dirty mouth and bad temper by now, he’s not likely to.

As for a teacher who assigns homework to be turned on on a Saturday evening? You may know I’m not a big proponent of homework, but I think my opinion is in the minority. We’ve got homework ingrained in the culture now and it will take a major paradigm shift to get rid of it now. Maybe you should be thankful that he didn’t make the deadline for Friday night – at least your son had the opportunity to work on it Saturday, even if he didn’t take it.

And by the way, I hope you have plans for dumping that loser – the husband, not the son. No one needs that kind of grief.

Best regards,


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Julie October 3, 2014 at 7:06 am

I second that notion, dump the angry loser! (Keep the son, though, he’s still teachable.)


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