Anybody Out There Have an “In” with The Big Bang Theory People?

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An Open Letter to the Producers of The Big Bang Theory


Dear BBT Producers, (or is that TBBT Producers? I’m already off on the wrong foot.)

My daughter asked for tickets to The Big Bang Theory for her birthday. Big Bang is one of our favorite shows, and I would be delighted to watch a taping with her. (Yes,  she is over 18.) However, the system for getting tickets functions in such a way that it is extremely unlikely I’ll be ever to get them.

I understand that using the internet to get tickets to people who want to sit in The Big Bang Theory audience makes sense. It is convenient and automates the process. The internet is widely available, and anyone with a decent connection probably will eventually get tickets if they are diligent, determined and also able to take the morning off work.

What may not be apparent is that those of us who live in rural Vermont, and probably rural a lot of other places too, don’t have decent internet connections. We have to rely on ancient phone lines or cell tower connections that are useless in adverse weather and not all that fast even in mild weather. It is impossible for us to get tickets to your show because our computers will never be able to connect to the server out there in California.

Could a lottery system be substituted for the current process? Perhaps some tickets could be set aside for people who can’t connect online. Another  option might be to write-in to get tickets or email in. What do you say; can you work out a system for the rest of the country? We’re all dying to see Big Bang Theory live!

Best regards,

Kate George (Who would happily bribe the appropriate person with chocolate chip cookies and copies of her novels.)

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Kat August 19, 2013 at 4:19 pm

I’ll get your tickets and mail them. Just let me know when. 🙂


Kate August 19, 2013 at 5:04 pm

Really!!!! Holy Guacamole! Let me see when my daughter can go. Oh. I’m so excited!


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