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I am constantly wowed by the people I meet, either in person or online. I thought today I’d tell about some of them today.


Sue Schlabach from the blog 129 Twig and Vine. She is one of the most creative people I know. She has a to-die-for studio made out of an old barn or chicken house. I’m not sure what it started life as, but I want to pick it up and carry it home – with Sue in it! Go read this post of Sue’s to get a feel for her creative mind.







 If the photos look broken, click on them. I don’t know why it’s being wacky on my computer, but they do show up if clicked on.

SJ Dakin, another person I know in the physical world, designs fabulous jewelry. While I haven’t been able to convince her to start a blog or put her jewelry online she does custom pieces and I can put you in touch with her if you’d like. I think her jewelry is kind of bohemian, but you can draw your own conclusions! Besides being a creative genius with beads and other assorted objects she is one of two people in the world I know would stand beside me no matter what idiotic thing I said or did. As I never know what I will say or do, that quality in a friend is invaluable to me.

Buffy T. is the other person in the non e-world that I know I can always rely on. She also creates jewelry. Buffy’s jewelry is very classic. She has an excellent eye for color and balance. Jackie Kennedy comes to mind when I think of who might wear the items Buffy designs. I’m afraid Buffy doesn’t have a web site or a blog yet either, but you can always contact her through me. Buffy allows me free range of her house – I even have my own room (which I share with her relatives when needed!) And because she has unlimited bandwidth I often work from her kitchen with her pug as my companion. She has a lovely, clean, spacious house – unlike mine – and it’s a joy to work here. Yes, I’m at Buffy’s house right now. The pictures are from my webcam. Sorry about the quality, I didn’t have my camera with me.


John Scalzi is an online personage for whom I have developed great respect. His blog is Whatever (wish I’d thought of that name) and he’s been posting a lot of photos lately. He also writes fairly amusing books which you should buy some of – if you like science fiction – I do. Back to his photos: This guy has an eye for photography. His pictures are both beautiful and moving. Informative even. On top of that he’s a feminist in the finest sense of the word. (Why is everyone suddenly afraid of being a feminist? I fail to see what’s so controversial about equal pay for equal work, and equal opportunity.) He’s a wonderful role model for, well for everyone.


Four people seems like enough for one day. I’ll do more people later. Maybe next Friday – if I remember.

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Judy, Judy, Judy November 24, 2013 at 7:59 pm

Thanks for the intros. Always nice to encounter new people.


Sara dakin November 23, 2013 at 1:06 am

Funny thing. I just told sue today that you are a really good friend. I might have said you were crazy, too. ;). SJ


Skye November 22, 2013 at 5:30 am

Wonderful people!

I hate that “feminist” has become a bad word and that so many women now won’t use it to refer to themselves. 🙁 I’ve always wondered what was wrong about equal pay for equal work, equal rights, and also allowing men to be equally nurturing and emotional. I mean, it’s not just about women getting something; it’s also about relieving men from having to be strong and silent and to be human.

I think the older generation of feminists thought their job was finished in some way and they (and we) didn’t manage to pass down to the younger folks (or even those our age) how important feminism was to everyone, even now. Too many people take what successes we’ve seen for granted and don’t bother to wonder how they came about.


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