There’s a lot of talk about *agency going on in the writing community at the moment, and by that I don’t mean the FBI,the CIA or the KGB.  I know, only one of them is an agency, I’m trying to make a point here. Not that I think I’m going to add anything meaningful to the “agency” discussion, there are far better minds than mine talking about it already. Really, have you ever heard me talk about craft? I’m hopeless.

I think my characters have more agency than I do, but maybe it’s still not enough. So I’m giving Bree more agency to push the plot. It’s a good thing. The longer I take to write this book the better it gets. So Bree is going to push back. In fact I think I’m letting her do some of my pushing for me.

Meanwhile I’m dreaming of traveling the warmer climes in something like this:


*For more conversation on Agency, check in with Jenny, Chuck and Ada, and follow their links too.
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