About Toni


Toni Linenberger is head of Kate’s street team The BBs. Smart, beautiful and fun Toni is a force to be reckoned with. Toni and Kate met through The Betties, a group of women who met through the Lucy March blog.

Toni’s Bio:

Toni Linenberger is a former historian (we’re like Marines, there are no ex’s) and published technical writer who is an avid reader of all genres.  She is slowly venturing into the blogosphere with thought-provoking reviews on romance and mysteries at What Every Betty Said and now Kate George’s blog.  One day she hopes she will be able to turn her attention to writing the Great American Novel.  Toni lives in Littleton, Colorado, with the most spoiled cat on the planet (Lincoln) and his sister (Abby) in a house filled with wine, chocolate, and, of course, books.

A note from Kate George: I’ve been in Toni’s home and she’s got the description all wrong. First of all there aren’t just books. There are hundreds of books. Shelves and shelves of them. Secondly, when she says “filled with wine,” she means it. There is no shortage of wine. I think I saw some chocolate, but unless there is a chocolate safe hidden somewhere there isn’t enough. Not enough CHOCOLATE Toni!

There are lots of complements I could give Toni, her home is as lovely as she is – she made me laugh which is a huge positive in my book. Make me laugh and you are my friend forever. However, I think what we really need to talk about are Toni’s superpowers. The thing is I’m not sure if she’s using them for good or evil. Is she a super hero or a super villain? Is she super ambivalent? Does she use her superpowers for her own selfish self-interest?

Like the time a meteor was headed for Littleton and she disintegrated it with her laser vision. Was she rescuing her town and all its citizens, was she protecting her spoiled kitties, or was she scattering alien spore throughout the high desert? The facts are inconclusive. Then there was the big freeze of ought-nine when Toni used her super strength and heat ray to free the Littleton snow plow from a layer of ice a foot deep. Was she serving her fellow citizens, was the snow plow in her way, or, was she rescuing the sewer full of alien monsters that was trapped in the man hole under the plow? Again, the facts are inconclusive.

Granted, Toni writes a mean book review so perhaps we should forgive her. After all, the ability to rate the readability of a novel is a super power in its own right.

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