A friend of mine, Megan, decided to blog again. Click her name and you can read about why… Go ahead, click it. I’ll be here when you get back.

Done? Megan’s post struck a chord with me. I too like to connect with others by reading about their lives, and by sharing mine. So I decided I would make the same commitment. I may not have much to say, writing wise, or wisecracking wise, (my favorite kind of posts) but I can talk about the day to day.

A little more often.

So back to dogs. If you go here, you can read about my excitement about agility training. (I know, I’m sending you away again.) So I set up a jump in my kitchen – it’s too cold and snowy outside to do it there – and cut up some cooked chicken.  Bacon would have been better but I was too impatient to cook bacon. My jump was a small broom balanced on a pair of snow boots. I should have taken pictures, rats. I have to say, it worked pretty well until Pippin got bored with jumping and started running around the jump. (Obviously, she did not get chicken for running around!!)

Now I’m wondering if there is someone I can ask to make jumps out of PCV pipe for me.  (I know I could make them, I’m just lazy.) and then I’ll need tunnels for her to run through and weaving poles and a dog walk. But I think with the right incentive (bacon) I’ll be able to train her. And perhaps if she has something to do she’ll stop picking on my sweet old Moose dog, who could chomp her in half if he had a mind. I mean really, she weighs 10 pounds and he was 67 at last measure. She grabs his back leg and he cries in pain but never even snaps at her. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. Look at that picture below, he could about swallow her whole.

Dogs. Can’t live without them.


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