When I was fourteen I went with my family to visit my (step) Grandparents. Let me clarify something before we move on. I only add the (step) because while they were my younger brother’s true grandparents, they were only my step-grandparents. Not that I didn’t claim them as my own. I did. But they aren’t really mine, they belong to Ed. And as I already stole his teddy bear I don’t dare also steal his grandparents. (I still have your bear Edwardo, I’ll mail him to you if you want him back.)

Anyway, back to the Roman Road:

While in England on that trip we went on a rambling tour. My (step) grandparents belonged to a rambling club. (Rambling = Walking/Hiking.)  We clambered up to the top of the moors and discovered an ancient road, built by the Romans. It went on forever. Very cool, walking along the tops of the moors and then coming down into towns to spend the night among the living.

I’ll see if I can hunt up some pictures… but for now here’s one of the Roman Road.

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