The Images in my Head. California 2013

in Entertaining nonsense and profound thought

Hello, did you miss me? I’m in California visiting my Aunties and cousins. I’m sleeping a bunch and spending time in places I have memories. (In places I have memories of?) That doesn’t sound right either.

A couple of days back I was lying on my mother’s beach. Well, Seabright Beach, which in now called something like Twin beaches State Park -> that’s not exactly right but it’s always going to be Seabright Beach to me. My mom owned a little cottage two houses up the street and you can sit in her front room and watch the beach and see dolphins jumping sometimes.

Anyway, I was lying there and my kids were in the water and this thought floated through my head that if we wanted we could walk up there when were done and shower in the outdoor shower before going in the back door. And my mother would still be there and could hear what she would say and what my kids would say back. It felt so comforting to have that image in my head.

It’s like my mother is still alive inside me and I can see my kids growing up knowing her. It’s a nice feeling.

I’ll be home late tomorrow and then maybe I’ll get a proper post done.

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