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I know I promised you the how to on the collar, and I will get that to you, I promise. As a delaying tactic I’m now going to answer Brian Feinblum’s questions from his February 21st blog over on BookMarketingBuzzBlog. If you write and market books he has some interesting things to say. So I’m stealing his questions, and I’m going to answer them in the most interesting way possible so that you’ll be distracted from the fact that the collar tutorial is still floating in the wind. Sound good?


  • Why in the world do you think people need your book? – They don’t need it. They might want it though. I’ve heard it’s good for a laugh.
  • Do you feel to be a writer carries a certain burden? – Are you kidding? It’s a gift.
  • What role does fantasizing play in your writings? – Fantasizing? If that’s what you call telling myself stories, creating friendships with people who only exist in my brain, then everything.
  • How about the role of evading your life in your writing? – More like I use my life to evade my writing.
  • If you didn’t write books do you think you would have killed someone or yourself by now? – No. But I might have a plan.
  • Have you told parents, siblings, friends, or lovers to screw off for not supporting you as a writer? – You left off spouse and children. Everyone else supports me.
  • Which legal addictions help you write well – smoking, food, gambling, sex? Food is a huge distraction. Quiet helps me write.
  • Would you rather write about taboo topics and take a politically incorrect approach – or would you rather play it safe and turn out what is commercially viable? – Oh hell. This is where you find out I’m not a true artist. What I really want to do is pay the effing bills and take a trip to Ireland.
  • Do you write better after an argument? – too much emotion is distracting. It’s hard to write when I’m running what I should have saids through my brain. Although after my dog died I wrote a very emotional scene about dogs dying. Not right after though. It was after a couple of weeks. Some readers wish I hadn’t.
  • Do you need to get high or blitzed from booze to write? – No. I need to sleep.
  • Do you secretly believe your book is the best and yet you cannot understand why publishers, literary agents or consumers won’t support it? – The minute I stop writing it I start to believe my book is crap. It’s agonizing to have to read it ever again.
  • Do you want to quit your day job and be a writer full-time? – duh.

Your turn. Which question would you like to answer?

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Sue Schlabach March 12, 2013 at 11:16 am

Love the insight into your motivations and creative spark.


Kate George March 10, 2013 at 12:16 pm

There is even more connection here than you know. Superficially, anyway. I have a cousin named Sarah Jane Lynch. My mother’s maiden name was Lynch. I have not read her books yet, but clearly I need to! The collar post is coming!


Julie March 10, 2013 at 4:04 am

This is me not worrying about where the collar post went, merely enjoying the ride (and the writing).

Off topic, sort of. I finished a book today that had some conflict in it, and I wasn’t bothered a bit. Clearly it was the way this authour handled the fine details. Her name is Sarah-Kate Lynch and I now love her uncontrollably.
(Doesn’t hurt that part of her name is yours. 😉 )


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