2015 – I Dislike Odd Numbers

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I’ve wondered from time to time if my dislike of odd numbers affects how I approach odd numbered years. I mean 2o14 wasn’t exactly stellar – although it did give me a pretty cool job, so why should I feel uneasy about stepping into 2015? I shouldn’t. And I don’t, not really, except maybe in the odd moment when I remember it’s not an even year.

I don’t know when my dislike of uneven numbers started. Four and Six have been my favorite numbers since I can remember, but when did I start actively disliking numbers like seven and nine? or 2053 for that matter? I don’t remember. It may be that I’m a little strange. (Okay, so you already knew that.)

There are lots of posts up today about 2014 in review and resolutions for the new year. Frankly, it would bore you to death if I reviewed 2014 and I don’t do resolutions. If I could keep resolutions I’d be rich and thin and fit and have several more books under my belt. So why go there to begin with. I resolve to continue being my own flawed self. That’s a resolution I can keep. Unless I kick-off or something, but no, even then I would still be my own flawed self.

So on the first day of 2015 I leave you with my favorite photo of 2014. Well the favorite photo that I took. John Scalzi and Sue Schlabach both have better photos. If you’re bored go look at their work. There’s great stuff waiting for you there.

Here’s mine: (mostly because the Pippinator is hiding in there.)



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Kat January 2, 2015 at 4:51 pm

I also hate odd numbers but mostly as it relates to my age. This year I am 49 and it’s an odd year, 2015, but I will turn 50 and I’m looking forward to that. Weird, but true. Also, this year I am not doing my typical goal/resolutions that I’ve been doing forever; I decided to create a motto to change my mind/brain.
Happy 2015 to you and glad you like your job and Yes, you do need more books. 🙂


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